Beginner's Guide to Book Exploration

Beginner's Guide to Book Exploration

Unlocking the Joy of Reading and Building a Lasting Habit


Back again with a new article before the end of this year, 2023. I thought, why not share how I started the daily habit of reading books, what motivated me, which was the first book I read, and what tips I want to give you? I will also try to share summaries of the books that I am recommending. So, let's get started!

Book - 1 (Self Help)

The first book I read was during my first year of diploma, and it was 'The Miracle Morning' by Hal Elrod. I struggled with waking up early in the morning and wanted to delve deeper into tech-related topics, particularly Android Development (although I got stuck in Android Studio initially, but at least I was getting started, that's another story). I often thought that if I could manage to wake up early, I'd be more productive in my learning and work. So, I ordered that book and began reading it.

The book proved very effective. Midway through, I started waking up early, but once I finished the book, I slipped back into my old routine of not waking up early. Eventually, I realized I'm a night owl and won't be able to consistently wake up early in the morning. I also admit I'm a bit lazy. Nevertheless, this was the first book I read, and I found it impressive. I appreciated the author's tips and tricks, which were effective. However, it's important to note that just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it's ineffective. I highly recommend this book if you want to understand the significance of waking up early in the morning and witness how the author's life changed. Remember, everyone has their own rhythms when it comes to productivity!

Everyone likes money, and I've always been interested in learning about financial topics like the stock market, mutual funds, balance sheets, and more. However, I'm quite an impatient guy, and this impatience hasn't always served me well in the market. Still, I have a genuine passion for learning about these things.

The book that kickstarted my financial literacy journey was 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. This book delves into financial literacy and introduces many terms essential for understanding finance-related matters. Recently, I also read 'The Psychology of Money.' Reading this book made one thing clear: money and psychology are intertwined. So, in the finance section, I highly recommend 'Rich Dad Poor Dad.' It's a great starting point for anyone interested in finance.

Book-3 (personal development)

The book '48 Laws of Power' by Robert Greene contains 48 different laws aimed at helping individuals become great leaders or powerful figures. I found a few laws to be effective and have incorporated them into my life. However, some laws are more subjective and may not resonate with everyone. After completing this book, you can expect to glean at least 5-10 laws that can significantly impact your journey. Personally, I found a few laws extremely useful, and I continue to follow them. In fact, I'm on my third read of this book, and I believe I'll revisit it again next year.

Book-4 (Knowing yourself)

Before understanding the world, it's crucial to comprehend oneself. I can't recall who shared this wisdom, but its logic struck me deeply. To understand myself better, I purchased the book '55 Questions to Ask Yourself' by Manoj Chenthamarakshan. I dedicated a diary to this and tackled one chapter daily, completing the book within a week. If memory serves, the book is less than 70 pages.

By the book's end, I had a comprehensive document outlining my strengths, weaknesses, the good, the bad, the positive, and the negative aspects of myself. It's a valuable book that aids in self-improvement.

Book-5(Self Help, Personality Development, how you view the world)

The final book I'm recommending is one of my favorites, called 'Attitude is Everything' by Jeff Keller. This book delves into how attitude can change situations and lives. It emphasizes that thinking in the right way can lead to positive outcomes. So, that sums up my recommendation list for you.


  1. The Miracle Morning

  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

  3. 48 Laws of Power

  4. 55 Questions to Ask Yourself

  5. Attitude is Everything

The Conclusion

At the end, I want to share that I used to dislike reading books during my school and diploma days, even at the start of my engineering journey. Somehow, life took unexpected turns, and I developed a habit of reading books. I suggest trying to incorporate a few things into your life, but don't blindly believe everything. You might encounter many ideas that seem impractical. Everything depends on the individual everyone's life is unique, and what works will vary accordingly. Best of luck for the future!